Dental care should not be overlooked at any time, but we are aware that in our day one day that is not always possible. That’s why we have created DentYucral DENTAL SPRAY, the solution for all people who want to always maintain good oral hygiene, even outside.

DentYucral DENTAL SPRAY takes care and protects your mouth at times when it is not possible to brush, dissolving the plaque, cleaning your teeth and keeping a cool fresh and pleasant.

DentYucral DENTAL SPRAY is a toothpaste with the following advantages:

icono-dienteInstant action after application;
icono-dienteHelps dissolve plaque;
icono-dienteDurable efficacy after application;
icono-dienteEasy and easy to use, anytime, anywhere;
icono-dientePocket size, easy to carry;
icono-dienteNo toothbrush or rinse is required.

DentYucral DENTAL SPRAY is available in Diabetic and Smokers presentations.