People with diabetes should take special care of their mouth to help prevent oral health problems related to their condition such as: gum disease, cavities, delayed healing and tendency to infection, mouth ulcers (canker sores or sores), dysfunction of the salivary glands, fungal infection, lichen planus and lichenoid reactions (inflammatory skin disease), among others.

The 16 components of DentYucral Diabetic have been specially selected for their properties to ensure daily cleaning and oral care of the diabetic. The main characteristics of these components are:

  • CLEANING OF DENTAL PARTS: With cleaning particles and detergent that facilitate the dissolution of the plaque and the different materials adhered to teeth and gums.
  • STRENGTHENING: The toothpaste formula includes calcium and vitamins to strengthen the teeth and fluoride for tooth enamel care.
  • CARE AND PROTECTION OF GUNS: DentYucral Diabetic has antioxidant, astringent, calming and regenerative components, to prevent bleeding and promote healthy gums. It also has a dermal protector that accelerates growth, so that you notice improvement in your mouth in the short term.
  • ANTIPLAQUE ACTION: We cannot forget the plaque that affects everyone after every meal, for this reason, DentYucral Diabetic contains three antiseptics to fight plaque, in addition to a natural compound that prevents the appearance of bacteria and fungi.
  • ANTIINFLAMMATORY AND HEALING: DentYucral Diabetic contains compounds designed for you to notice improvement in your oral health from the first moment, acting on ulcers and small wounds that can appear in your mouth.
  • IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: The regeneration of your gums will be faster thanks to
    DentYucral Diabetic, which improves circulation, you will notice a rapid improvement in your oral health.