Because of all the problems that tobacco causes in the oral health of the smoker, it is important to perform a daily hygiene using a suitable toothpaste that can cover all the needs of cleaning and oral care to maintain good oral health.

DentYucral SMOKERS is the only toothpaste specially developed to effectively meet all the cleaning and oral care needs of smokers, performing a triple function:

  1. In the dental pieces: It performs a cleaning action with abrasive particles that effectively eliminate all the residues adhered to the tooth, taking special care with the dental enamel. It also has calcium and vitamins to strengthen the teeth and their support.
  2. In the gums: As already mentioned, your gums are at a higher risk of gingivitis than non-smokers, so DentYucral SMOKERS has a formula that relieves, restores and protects the gums, everything necessary to recover oral health and Keep it healthy:
    • Restorative: Helps maintain necessary vitamin C levels for growth and repair of cells.
    • Anti-irritation: Components that accelerate the regeneration of tissues.
    • Antiseptic: A whole range of compounds with bactericidal and fungicidal properties, in addition to anti-inflammatory, for the recovery of the mouth after gingivitis.
    • Improvement of the circulation: To facilitate the arrival of nutrients to the cells that are in the process of recovery, accelerating it.
    • Emollient and healing: Helps hydration and restoration of the oral surface, accelerating the healing of wounds and ulcers.
  1. In bad breath: Contains antiseptic components that act on plaque, whose bacteria and contribute to bad breath. In addition, it cleans the elements of the smoke that adhere to the teeth. Thanks to DentYucral SMOKERS you will have a fresh breath with a pleasant aroma to mint.